Monday, August 20, 2018

Alamosa Paperwork and Info

Alamosa Paperwork and Info

Cost: $125.00 Make checks payable to Dakota Ridge Cross Country Boosters

There are three different pieces of paper you need to sign for Alamosa....

Click on each of these links to get the paperwork: 

1. JJH-E3 Click here 

2. JJH-E2 Click Here

3. JJH-E4 Click Here

Itinerary for Alamosa....

September 7, 2018 

8:30am Meet on West side of Dakota Ridge

9:00am Bus Leaves for Alamosa

1:00pm Arrive at Sand Dunes National Monument

3:30pm Leave Sand Dunes for Super 8 Hotel

4:00 pm Arrive at Super 8 Hotel

5:30pm Dinner

8:00pm Team Meetings

10:00pm Lights out

September 8,  2018

Leave 7:45am For Cattails Golf Course Alamosa, Colorado

9:20am Boys Race

10:25am Girls Race

12:30pm Leave Race site for Lunch

2:00pm Leave Alamosa for home

6:00pm Arrive at Dakota Ridge 

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Getting Started 2018 Cross Country Season

 Getting Started 2018 Cross Country Season

We will begin official practice for us on  Monday August 13th....

In order to be ready to go for the season here is what you will need.... must have a Doctor signed and  approved Physical must register online here..... need to BUY your uniform and or any gear you wish to have here..... While the uniform and gear sale closes on August 6th, we will reopen ASAP to allow for those who need it to buy their uniform. 

Fourth....A parent needs to attend our Parent meeting on 
Monday August 13th at 6pm in the library at Dakota Ridge.  

Fifth...  If your Student athlete wants to attend the trip to Alamosa on September 7-8, 2018 be ready to write a check for to Dakota Ridge Cross Country boosters for our trip to Alamosa on September 7-8, 2018. The price has yet to be determined as of 8/5/2018...You bring that to our parent meeting on August 13th. 

Sixth...Get as many people to attend our EagleFest community event on August 18th, be sure to have the sign up and run the Eaglefest Community run...sign up links will be here soon. 

Seventh....You will need a new pair of training shoes and racing shoes if you choose... from a Specialty run shop ..Runners Roost in Lakewood near Belmar is my preferred option however, Boulder Running Company will also work but please Ask for Donna or Emily. 

Eighth...Check out the Dakota Ridge Cross Country, Track and Field website for schedules and information.... 

Ninth... Be ready to have a great experience with a great group of student-athletes!!!

Tenth....See you at Practice on August 13th!!! at 3:30pm

Friday, July 20, 2018

The Rest of Summer....and Team Camp Report

 Team Camp Report and Important Information for Getting the Season started on August 13th

 2018 Team Camp was a success. A fitting beginning to arguably one of the most anticipated and exciting seasons in program history. 

Lip Sync was hotly contested with every team doing an incredible job in performing their Disney themed song. The winning margin was a mere 2 points of scoring with Moana's "You're Welcome" leaving with the championship trophy (mini guitars) over Mulan's "I'll Make a Man". 

Mueller State Park provided an incredible two days of running for the team. The highlight of the running came on Monday. As roughly 16 team members climbed the final climb of camp together with the mantra "5 more steps for the team" as their guide. Essentially the idea is that as you climb the steep trail and your legs and lungs are burning with effort, you will come to a point where you will want to back off and stop. However, sometimes all it takes to get up the hill is to have purpose and passion. Putting out the effort for the team is the purpose and the passion. When the lungs are burning and legs are tired and you feel like you can't go anymore..."take 5 more steps for the team" and then take another "5 more steps for the team" and again and again...all the way to the top. 

The boys and girls teams set intentions for the year, played some ultimate ping-pong, had an epic puzzle-water-bucket relay, threw some water ballon's back and forth. Lost necklaces, played putt-putt, stayed up to late, kept Coach Stenny up with shenanigans on the last night, listened to and gave some senior speeches and generally had a blast as a team for our time up there. 

 A VERY SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR PARENTS WHO DROVE LUGGAGE, OUR COACHES and Booster club for making the experience a great one for us all.


Signing up for the season.....

Parents you must first get your student athlete a physical and a signed document by the doctor that they are able to participate.

Second...Starting July 24th there will be an online sign up for sports...You must have this done ASAP in order to have your Student-athlete ready to go for the season. Here is a blurb from Jeffco Athletics on this matter:

To parents and student-athletes wishing to register to play a fall sport:

The Jeffco district is implementing a new, online registration system for sports beginning with the 2018-2019 school year. This online format should improve the efficiency for registering the approximately 12,500 student-athletes that compete in our high school programs each year.
The goal of the Central Athletic Department is to have this online system open and accessible to parents on Tuesday, July 24th.  Office staff begins to return the week of July 16th and the athletic department feels implementing this new online system will be best served when staff is available to answer questions.
If you have further questions, please contact your school’s athletic director or athletic secretary.  Thank you.

 Uniforms and Team Gear

This year you will need to buy your uniform from Denver Athletic by August 6th. Along with your uniform you have options to buy some other team gear as well.

Ladies should buy the girls singlet, the ladies Breakline short OR the Anchor short. I recommend getting the Breakline first and if you do not want the tighter competition short, then you have the option to get the unisex Anchor short. Buying both is not a bad option as well in case you want to wear the tighter short underneath and both shorts can be used for Track and Field in the spring if you do Track and Field.

Guys You should buy the guys singlet of course and then purchase BOTH the Break Short and the Anchor short. The Break short can be worn underneath when cold and will be useful in Track should you run this year.  The Anchor short is the main short we will use in XC but having the half tight break short is a very good idea as well.

For Everyone  The rest of the gear on the site is your choice to purchase! Get what you want and wear it with pride!!

Here is the Link:

August Schedule....

We will be changing over to afternoon practice sometime in early August. Please check the website routinely after July 28th to see what needs to happen for practice in August. We will try to go in the morning as long as we can because of the heat and afternoon storms. However as teachers and counselors go back to school it will be tough to have morning practice stay tuned for the changes.

 Season Opening Parent meeting will be sometime the week of August 13-17 at Dakota Ridge. I will get back to everyone once I nail down a date and time.

Lastly...August 18th will be EagleFest plan to invite neighbors and coworkers and friends to come run and hang out at EagleFest August 18th!! This will be a fundraiser for us so start getting in mind you will invite to come do our community run with us!!