Saturday, June 9, 2018

Friday, June 8, 2018
Aaron LeBlanc

April 26th, Jeffco JV championship. I knew this was my big opportunity to show what I was made of. I had dreamed of this moment. There I was toeing up to the start line in perfect racing conditions eager to just run. Everything in me focused on the start gun and all of a sudden, BAM! I was off racing my 3200m. I thought in my head that 8 laps couldn’t be that bad as I had prepared for the moment. I ran with some guys and then passed them. I felt good for 5 laps and then I felt like everything fell apart. I began to hurt a lot but I knew I could not stop. I knew I was going fast but time seemed to slow down. Through all the pain I heard one word that would change me. With me rolling into my last 200m I heard Stenny yell “Aaron, you have to believe!”. I thought that I was off pace so at first I didn’t think much of it but when I rounded the corner and saw the clock I knew that it was time for me to believe. I hit the finish line and stumbled to the grass. I went down hard but I knew what I had done. I improved my personal best by 40 seconds. I gladly welcomed my accomplishment as 13:14 showed on my watch.
As I contemplated my race looking for ways to improve for the future once again one word stuck out. Believe. Stenny had previously written on how the key to success for the team was to first have a dream and then work hard and put forth our maximum effort. I knew what he had said was true and I saw it working with my running, but I felt that something was missing. I felt like there was a piece that I had not discovered yet. On April 26th of 2018 around 6pm I found that missing part of the equation. I needed to believe.
Soon I would be faced with the Bolder Boulder. With a race being so large and competitive I had no idea what to expect. In the weeks leading up to the big race my training motto had officially become “believe”. I dreamed of being fast and doing well in the 10k and I trained to the best of my abilities. I studied every aspect of the course and prepared myself both physically and mentally too. I began to believe that Stenny had prepared me for this race and prepared me to do my very best. Above all I began to believe in myself and my ability to run my very best race.
Once again I found myself sitting on a start line. My day was here and I knew all 6.2 miles of the Bolder Boulder was my race. With a dream to go fast, training under my belt, and “believe” written on my arm and engraved in my soul, I was ready. I heard the familiar BAM and I was off leading out my wave because I knew without a doubt that this was my race. As my legs burned, my lungs struggled for breath, and my heart rate nearly at the max, every muscle ached and every cell hurt. I knew that the pain could not stop me because every time I looked at my arm I was reminded that I do believe in myself. At the end I raced the Bolder Boulder in a quick 44:53 earning a 10k PR and also ran a personal best 22:07 5k in the middle of the race. In the Bolder Boulder I truly began to shine.
With cross country season quickly approaching I would love to teach every person on the the team to believe in themselves. I believe that the team can achieve great things this year. I know that this team will accomplish what no other team can. This team is truly special but I know that in order for us as a team to be successful, each and every one of us must truly believe in our full and true potential. I know that between the amazing coaching and the dedication of the runners that this team can and will succeed. Every person on this team will succeed in their own way. Even if some of us don’t make Arizona or state teams, every bit of effort we put in will be rewarded. Every little breakthrough and accomplishment from every person, no matter how fast or how slow, will help carry this team to the very top. Once we all believe in what we can do is when our team will rise up more than ever before.
I believe in every one of my teammates and I believe in every one of my coaches. I believe in the success that this team will soon find. I believe that right now is our time. I believe that no one can stop us. I believe that no one can stop me. I believe in myself. I BELIEVE.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Summer Cross Country Information

Summer Cross Country Information:

Summer practice is optional but highly encouraged if a student-athlete wants to get better at the sport of distance running, Summer practice will run Tuesdays thru Saturdays from June 6th to August 3rd.


Opening week Schedule:

JUNE 6 @ Dakota Ridge 7:30am
JUNE 7 @ Dakota Ridge 7:30am
JUNE 8 @ Dakota Ridge 7:30am
JUNE 9 @ Audubon Center at Chatifeld Parking Lot (Directions click here)

Following the opening week.....

Generally, we will follow this type of schedule throughout the summer for practice, with exceptions made to start the summer practices June 6 to 9 and during our team camp July 14-17. We will always meet at 7:30am

Mondays: Off
Tuesdays: @ Dakota Ridge High School
Wednesdays: Off Campus location see website ( for location that week.
Thursdays: @ Dakota Ridge High School
Fridays: @ Off Campus location see website ( for location that week.
Saturdays: Audubon Center at Chatfield Parking Lot

Summer camp will be July 14-17 at Golden Bell Camp and Conference Center. To register for camp please download the camp registration forms here:

Scheduling updates with practice locations will occur throughout the summer on our website: