Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Boom!! Boom!! Boom!!


Boom, boom, boom
Even brighter than the moon, moon, moon
It's always been inside of you, you, you
And now it's time to let it through, -ough, -ough

'Cause, baby, you're a firework
Come on, show 'em what you're worth
Make 'em go, "Ah, ah, ah."
As you shoot across the sky

Baby, you're a firework
Come on, let your colours burst
Make 'em go, "Ah, ah, ah."
You're gonna leave 'em all in awe, awe, awe

Easily...one of the most rewarding...exhilarating and epic performances in team history. 
Last Thursday night...OUR TEAM once again met the challenge. It was awe inspiring. It was like Fireworks going off... 

Some numbers before some thoughts...

42 lifetime personal best times

58 Season best times

7 personal best times improved on by over 1 minute....
Rusche (1:38), Piegat (1:34), N. Plechaty (1:22), Swanson (1:17), Baxter (1:17), L. Harding (1:08) Pazen (1:01)

46 Seconds that Erik Selfridge took off his best of 25:43...to get UNDER 25 minutes...24:57...something he didn't believe he could do at practice in the days before. Believe it now my man...incredible job this year. 

2 Straight League Championships for Varsity Boys

9 Straight League Championships for JV Boys 

Program score for this year...once again...the best in Jeffco. 

It was a very special evening for our team. I think for me it will go down as most memorable for how well our team prepared and engaged in the process, therefore creating a great outcome. The redemptive performances from a few of you were also extremely rewarding for us as coaches. Hannah Gough being out there was special...Hannah Kurtz found a bit of herself again, Sydney Hoffman and Oryschyn wrote a great final League chapter to their careers...... and finally.. The Straub's and Dugan decided to go for it! Those and numerous other stories culminated in one great evening for what was one of the best team performances in our program history.  Thank you to all the student athletes and parents and coaches who made the night so special for our program. Your efforts for the team made it a most memorable evening. 

NEXT UP THIS THURSDAY OCTOBER 18.... 5A Region 2 Championships

Sunday, October 7, 2018

A Look Ahead....... A Look back

A Look Ahead....... A Look back

Thursday's League Championship races will be a special race for a ton of reasons. 

As always we will attempt to show that our program is the best in Jeffco by winning the "Program Score" ( adding the team finishes of Varsity and Junior Varsity together for all teams, low score wins). 

A few Seniors will run their last race of their career. 

Some of you will look to redeem difficult seasons with one great race and others will look to cap off already successful and rewarding seasons with one more great race. 

Lastly, it will be special for me for the simple fact that I will be out there, cheering you on, when it seemed I would not. 

Some things to watch for this Thursday.... in order by Race....

Boys Varsity 2:00pm.....Pack time. Pack Time. Pack Time. Process...process... process....we had a 45 second pack time on this course at Dave Sanders, can we get to 30-40 seconds? The race upfront might be interesting...Austin and Connor will get their first of what we hope is 5 straight against Cole Sprout the best runner in the country.  This is a horseshoes kind of race...How close can our guys get to Cole Sprout?  

Girls Varsity 3:00pm .....This is a great spot for our girls...no pressure...solid competition....with us slated to finish 7th on paper...can our girls rise to the challenge and get top 4? The storyline is my favorite of the day as we seek to do something special the final few weeks on the season. 

Girls Open 3:50pm......We will need special efforts to get into the top 3 in this race...Hamai, Kurtz have found new gears the last few weeks...we will need great races from them to steady us at the top. Two seniors...A couple Syndey's and a Lunsford...will write an ending to their careers in league competition with what we hope will be stirring memorable performances to help us get into that top 3 team spot. 

Boys Open  4:40pm.....This will be really fun....Ralston Valley and Arvada West have very comparable teams on paper to us. A three team race for the title....Can our guys keep our streak of wins going in the JV boys race? In addition to the team race...we have an interesting "watch" with this group of boys....How many guys can we get under 20 minutes for 5k? We have 9 guys between 20-21 minutes for their season bests. Some of them will need huge PR's of 1 minute plus...but on a cool Thursday on this course...it might be possible. 

A look back....

I am so very proud of the effort we showed on Saturday at Fountain Fort Carson. We went there for the course, the fun and the camaraderie. It was not disappointing. Coming away with a clean sweep of all the races was certainly fun. The times we ran were eye opening on a course that frankly didn't look that fast to me.  I felt really good about the effort and assuming we recover well the next few days we should have a great shot at running really well on Thursday at League. 

Some individual highlights from Saturday.....

Maddie Morrin.... had about a minute PR on Saturday on arguably the slowest course we have run this year. Maddie ran 31:05 in what was a tremendous effort and one she will look to build on this Thursday. 

Landon Kohler....Skipped the 23 minute range completely.  with a over 1 minute Personal Record going from 24:09 to 22:58...absolutely fabulous effort by Landon. 

Nolan Miller....under 22 big guy...and thats after having some bad luck with a blister. Seriously a great day for Nolan...very proud of his run on Saturday. 

Monday, August 20, 2018

Alamosa Paperwork and Info

Alamosa Paperwork and Info

Cost: $125.00 Make checks payable to Dakota Ridge Cross Country Boosters

There are three different pieces of paper you need to sign for Alamosa....

Click on each of these links to get the paperwork: 

1. JJH-E3 Click here 

2. JJH-E2 Click Here

3. JJH-E4 Click Here

Itinerary for Alamosa....

September 7, 2018 

8:30am Meet on West side of Dakota Ridge

9:00am Bus Leaves for Alamosa

1:00pm Arrive at Sand Dunes National Monument

3:30pm Leave Sand Dunes for Super 8 Hotel

4:00 pm Arrive at Super 8 Hotel

5:30pm Dinner

8:00pm Team Meetings

10:00pm Lights out

September 8,  2018

Leave 7:45am For Cattails Golf Course Alamosa, Colorado

9:20am Boys Race

10:25am Girls Race

12:30pm Leave Race site for Lunch

2:00pm Leave Alamosa for home

6:00pm Arrive at Dakota Ridge