Live a Story...Leave a Legacy: The opening chapters...

Live a Story...Leave a Legacy: The opening chapters...

It would seem the appropriate time for me to finally get some thoughts out on the blog. Having been through team camp, August and now a couple of meets our seasons story lines have become far clearer than they were when I last sat down and attempted to write.

I've always been into the stories that our Cross Country seasons create for both the program (plot driven) and for the individual student athletes that drive it (character driven). It often makes for the perfect storm of the characters (you all) reacting to events of the season and changing along the way. Usually a good recipe for interesting stories.

 It is in "story" that we sometimes find answers to our own deep questions in life and develop meaning from our past and purpose for our future. Over the years I have seen many student athletes live out incredibly meaningful team and individual stories within the sport of distance running over a year or four and so…

Process, Outcomes, State Info, Banquet Info

The dust...rather...the snow finally settled and melted on the regular season last night. As a few of our athletes made one last effort to gain State Championship Qualifying marks, one of the highlights of the season happened off the track and field and in the stands. Matt Heitmann, Carisa Wilkerson long finished competing for the day and the essentially the year...stayed to watch their teammates and hang with the coaches while we watched Chloe Piegat, Izzy Camann and Sophie Berry compete. Tremendous student-athletes, the not so simple effort of taking the time for others was a particularly great leadership note to end the season on. 

 The Process and Choices. 

I was reminded last night how vitally important to our success as a program, is the focus we put on the process and the choices we make. Over and over again this year when we struggled in our program it was the focus on the process that had been lost or choices were made that hindered both our process and performance. Converse…

Colorado Festival of JV Miles INFO

Location: Heritage High School 
Time: be there to warm up by 4:45pm...First race at 5:30. 

5:30pm Girls Heat 1  5:40pm Girls Heat 2 5:50pm Boys Heat 1  6:00pm Boys heat 2 6:10pm Boys heat 3 6:20pm Boys heat 4 6:30pm Boys heat 5 
Who is racing: 

See below And see here what heat you are in: START LISTS
Meet: Colorado Festival of JV Miles Team: Dakota Ridge High School You are entered in this meet.
Your entries are below as of 05/06/2019 08:50:54 AM EST.
You may update them up until .
Girls HSHS Girls 1600 Meter Run: 8 EntriesKenna Anderson6:51.51Gracie Gish6:49.49Elly Hitzges7:15.89Hannah Kurtz6:44.98Dana Lunsford6:34.98Nadia Plechaty7:17.54Kylee Sellers6:09.34Ella Veer7:08.46 Boys HSHS Boys 1600 Meter Run: 16 EntriesTrevor Akiyama5:52.02Levi Baxter5:29.23Liam Harding5:44.90Ezekiel Kuntz5:05.51Aaron LeBlanc6:01.45Zachary Liles5:28.89Dugan Litchkowski5:07.31George Najera5:57.89Blake Ohlson4:55.71Jonathan Pazen5:47.80Ian Rusche6:29.82Ethan Straub4:56.94Simon Straub5:16.13Kai Tierheimer5:43.54…


Meet: 5A Jeffco League Relays Qualifier Meet Starts at 2:00pm Student athletes out at 12:45pm Bus leaves at 1:00pm 
Schedule for the meet CLICK HERE
Team: Dakota Ridge High School Girls High SchoolHS Girls 100 Meter Dash: 2 EntriesLilly Capolungo15.39Josie CorridoriHS Girls 200 Meter Dash: 2 EntriesNataie Park31.26Emily StrautHS Girls 400 Meter Dash: 0 EntriesHS Girls 800 Meter Run: 2 EntriesGracie Gish3:22.24Elly Hitzges3:05.39HS Girls 1600 Meter Run: 4 EntriesAinsley Hecox5:59.60Lucy Pidek5:39.38Zoe Plechaty5:55.12Abby Vagher5:55.10HS Girls 3200 Meter Run: 2 EntriesHannah Kurtz14:02.26Kylee Sellers13:44.04HS Girls 100 Meter Hurdles: 0 EntriesHS Girls 300 Meter Hurdles: 0 EntriesHS Girls 4x100 Shuttle Hurdle Relay: 1 EntryCarisa WilkersonEmerson SomersEmma NortonAllie PetersonHS Girls 4x100 Meter Relay: 1 EntryChloe PiegatCarisa WilkersonOlivia DampierSydney HoffmanHS Girls 4x200 Meter Relay: 1 EntryAlyvia SornbergerAudrey ZurWakinyela BearIsabelle CamannHS Girls 800 Meter Sprint Me…

The Week Ahead....April 15-20th, 2019

The Week Ahead....April 15-20th, 2019

PROCESS!! PROCESS! PROCESS!! We have the biggest weeks of the season ahead and you should all be ready to drop some big performances for yourselves when you get the opportunity this week and beyond.

 Remember to engage fully in the process, showing up, doing the work, doing it well and doing it wise. In the competition you should be making sure you have the right mindset, do the right warmup and then compete to the best of your current ability. 

Monday: JV THROWERS if you can get up to Jeffco stadium I will meet you there at 3:45pm and you can make some throws in competition! See you there. 
All others...normal Monday....practice from 3:15pm-4:30pm followed by Monday meeting. 

Tuesday: @ Dakota Ridge...pre meet day...following practice there is a team fundraiser dinner at Garlic Knot at Chatfield and Kipling...$10 all you can eat pizza and knots from 5-7pm. 

Wednesday: LEAGUE RELAYS!! 2:00pm at Jeffco Stadium. Those competing are released from class at …

Fairview Entries and INFO For Friday

Fairview Entries and INFO For Friday

Directions to Fairview Click Here

As of now the meet is a go. You need to plan for the meet if you are in the meet. We will keep you updated. 

I made some changes tonight for the distance side of things as I took out a few guys in lieu of resting you up for league relays and Dakota Ridge Invite. 

If you are not in the meet you need to stay in school and perform the workout the coaches give you to accomplish on Friday afternoon. 

Here are the entries for Friday....there is a bus to the meet and you will be excused for those of you in the meet. 

Meet: Fairview Invitational Team: Dakota Ridge High School You are entered in this meet.
Your entries are below as of 04/09/2019 11:34:03 PM EST.
You may update them up until .
Girls High SchoolHS Girls 100 Meter Dash: 3 EntriesOlivia Dampier13.37Jadyn Lewis14.82Emily Straut14.46HS Girls 200 Meter Dash: 3 EntriesOlivia Dampier28.07Jadyn Lewis31.61Emily StrautHS Girls 400 Meter Dash: 1 EntryAlyvia Sornberger1:06.80HS…

The week ahead April 8-13th

The week ahead April 8-13th 

Monday: Practice as normal, and our Monday Meeting at 4:15pm 
Tuesday: Freshman Championships...entries as of Sunday night are below.  All others practice is as normal, Heritage High School 4:45pm 
Wednesday: Normal practice @ Dakota Ridge 
Thursday: Normal practice @ Dakota Ridge 
Friday: Fairview Invite...entries posted in a couple days. 
Saturday: Practice for everyone to be determined. 


Team: Dakota Ridge High School You are entered in this meet.
Your entries are below as of 04/07/2019 11:38:43 PM EST.
You may update them up until .
Girls HSHS Girls 100 Meter Dash: 4 EntriesLilly Capolungo15.39Josie CorridoriTvisha Londhe14.90Nataie Park15.12HS Girls 200 Meter Dash: 2 EntriesJosie Corridori33.13Nataie Park31.26HS Girls 400 Meter Dash: 1 EntryWakinyela Bear1:07.48HS Girls 800 Meter Run: 2 EntriesKenna Anderson3:00.00Lauren Dynda2:35.67HS Girls 1600 Meter Run: 2 EntriesKenna Anderson7:45.23Lauren Dynda5:58.22HS Girls 3200 Meter …